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The Thinking Machine Site
Reflections on past Computers and the impact on the Men and Women who
worked on, worked with or around them.
An Oldwuzzark Production
Greetings to all the little Acorns, however far away you may be ( Family Joke )

From the earliest Calculators and Computers through to the ultimate destination of these concepts in Robotics.
People have spent millions of hours designing, building, programming and living with the concepts embodied in
what Ada Lovelace back in 1843 refered to as a ' Thinking Machine '

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815 to 27 November 1852) Wrote extensive texts on
Programming Babbage's Difference Engine ( Never Built in his lifetime ) and impacted on the design which
later became the Analytical Engine. As such the process of use and design working together was established
before any hardware existed.

People work away on the internet at Restoration and Conservation of Concepts from all of those years, through
to now. Sometimes in the form of emulators and sometimes real hardware ! Here at last is a place to find out
what is going on !


Here, in no paticular order, we list the projects which we know exist. And tell you a little about
what each project is doing.